Employer Contributions & Requirements

Employers Eligible for NAPSA Registration

It is common knowledge that to every rule there is an exception. In the same vein, it is important to state that among all employers and employees, there are those that are not eligible to be registered with NAPSA. Therefore, registration with NAPSA only affects those employers and employees that are eligible; and the following employers are eligible to register with NAPSA:

  1. The government of the Republic of Zambia, local Authorities or parastatals or statutory bodies.

  2. Individuals and Households employing Domestic servants or casual workers

  3. Non-Governmental Organizations, foreign Missions and International Organizations employing Zambian citizens.

  4. Other employers include SMEs, Projects, Multinational organizations, and;

  5. Any other person, association, institution or firm with a contract of service with an eligible employee, and is responsible for paying the employee’s wages.

How Does an Employer Register?

In all these cases, an employer is supposed to apply for registration by filling in a NAPSA prescribed Employer Registration Form number NPS 411, and submitted at any NAPSA offices within one month from the date they started employing. This form should be lodged in together with duly completed Member Registration forms for the employees.

Registration of employer enables the creation of an employer account number by which an employer is identified. The contributions are deposited to the same account whenever employers make payments.


According to the NPS Act, an employer should register with NAPSA within one month of commencing business or employing an eligible employee.