Corporate Strategic Plan

The Corporate Strategic Plan 2018- 2021

This strategic plan builds on the gains made under the previous plan period of 2013– 2017. We have put together sets of interwoven strategies that we are confident will enable us to tackle prevailing and predicted challenges – both internally and externally – and to make optimal use of fresh opportunities that are emerging.

We have come up with strategic initiatives that are designed to give us the required capabilities to effectively respond to both local and global circumstances likely to influence our business.

Overall, we have put in place strategies to help us remain relevant and indeed succeed under the significant social and economic shifts that are affecting the pension industry worldwide, such as rise in life expectancy, technological advances and investment trends, among others. We have taken cognizance of the pension reforms in Zambia, some of which will enable us to expand our pension coverage to populations we have previously not reached.

The magnitude of the global, regional and local changes in pension parameters and the policy reforms in Zambia have necessitated rethinking and realignment of our guiding principles, and establishment of fresh strategic pillars.


In the defined strategic period, we will focus our energy and passion on five pillars that we intensely believe will elevate us to the next stage of our growth.

The prevailing and projected environment under which we will be operating require long term financial stability, customer focus, operational excellence, prudent risk management and adequate investment in talent.

We believe that paying special attention to these will enable us to respond effectively to the shifting ground in the pension scheme environment globally and locally.

The strategic pillars under which we will drive growth are thus:

  1. Financial Sustainability
  2. Engage & Educate Customers
  3. Modernize Operations
  4. Manage Risk
  5. Invest in Talent